Friday, April 6, 2012

Rock a bye Moby

I've tried a million different baby carriers over the years between all my kiddos, but I'm pretty frugal so I've always leaned toward the ones I found in the 20-30 dollar range.  When I was pregnant with Lola, my now 12 week old little girl, I did some research on baby carriers and settled on a Moby wrap.  It was right around $60 but worth every single penny. 

I ordered my Moby when Lola was just a few weeks old and I was a little concerned when it arrived- it's just one looooong piece of fabric! I googled some basic directions and gave it a whirl... neither Lola nor I was very thrilled.  I pulled it down, rolled it up, and shrugged it off.  No biggie, I've wasted more money on more ridiculous things!

Lola started having acid reflux issues right around when I opened the shop so her bouncy chair wasn't cutting it- she NEEDS to be upright.  I decided to give the Moby wrap another shot but this time around I decided how I wanted Lola to lay against me and found my own way to use the wrap.  Success! 

Lola spends a significant amount of time snuggled up against me in the Moby wrap.  And maybe this has lead to longer nights for me since she spends a lot of time snoozing in the wrap and hates sleeping anywhere else, but man do we love having it during the day.  She's happy and pain-free and I'm hands free but still holding my sweet gal! 

Lots of people come in and ooh and ahh over how content she is and I'm asked atleast twice a day what it is and where they can get one.  Today I even had a girl talk about how great it seemed and she told me she wished she had one.  Before she knew what it was called she told me she had bought a Moby wrap at a yardsale but it was stupid because it was just one long piece of fabric and she had no idea what to do with it.  We had a good laugh when I told her that she was drooling over the baby carrier she already owned.  She's going to bring hers in one day so I can give her a hand with it :)

So, if you stop in and see a snoozing baby tucked in a long hunk of fabric don't and then you notice the bags under my eyes don't worry...I asked for it :)

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