Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New racks and Dumpster Diving

When I found the building that Little Birds is now located in it looked sooooo big and I wonder how I would ever fill it up.  Even when I opened the doors I felt it looked a little bare.  Not now.  Four new racks went up yesterday and by closing time today they were pretty much full.  I have two bassinets, two pack and plays, a chest, and a few other bigger items taking up floor space and all of the sudden I feel like the place is getting crammed!  I am so thankful for all of my consignors for bringing their items in to sell...I continue to fill the racks and customers seem to be happy with the selection.

I also have a new shoe rack in the shop... ok, it's not really new...and it didn't start out as a shoe rack.  This is how my shoe rack came to be...

I was driving my client home from having his haircut and as I passed a local gas station I spotted an awesome rack just sitting in the dumpster!  I parked the van to take a closer look.  It was fantastic and I knew it was meant to be in the shop.  I couldn't see a ladder to climb in and get it so I took a few steps back and then took a running start to jump into the dumpster.  I ran as fast and as hard as I could and WHAM I wound up smack dab on the side of the dumpster... guess I'm not too light on my feet. I tried again and had the same outcome. By the 5th time I tried there was a crowd gathering and cheering me on.  "ERIKA! ERIKA! ERIKA!" Ok...I'm totally kidding about all of that... the rack was beside the dumpster and there was an employee outside so I asked if I could have it and he told me yes. :)  Either way- a can of spray paint turned gas station trash into LB treasure!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA I heard the story already yet I'm still picturing you trying to run and jump into the dumpster hahahahaha